Heat Exchanger Department

Heat exchangers department of the Ningbo Deye Technology Group is a company that is specialized in the production of household air conditioners, commercial air conditioning and special refrigeration equipment. Production center existing automated production lines 19, 19 sets of high-speed fin punch, die by Japan Taiwan imported dozens of other ancillary equipment (expanding machine, automatic long U bender collar machine, degreasing furnace, automatic welding production lines, etc.); the center also has a dust detector tube cleanliness, pressure detector, nitrogen nuclear leak detector, hydrophilic aluminum foil angle measuring instrument, such as precision testing equipment, the annual production capacity of 3.5 million sets of the heat exchanger. In terms of quality assurance system, we have obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Compared with the industry, our biggest advantage is the production of household air conditioners, commercial air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, automotive air conditioning, dehumidifiers, air heat exchangers and special refrigeration equipment, variety, reliable product quality, high production efficiency, can meet the needs of customers.

In order to develop, the Deye- technology group heat exchanger department sincerely hope to cooperate with you, with the spirit of "sincere vision for customers" concept, we will serve you in good faith to the service to ensure that your product buy the heart and ease of use!

Large-scale, standardized workshop
Our company currently has more than 10,000 square meters of production workshop and testing heat exchangers, wide delivery room and the large-scale production line lay a foundation for low cost and high speed production.

Equipment Specification:
1, Φ9.52 * 25 (pitch) * 21.65 (row spacing)
2, Φ9.52 * 25.4 (pitch) * 22 (row spacing)
3, Φ7 * 21 (pitch) * 12.7 (row spacing)
4, Φ7 * 21 (pitch) * 13.37 (row spacing)
5, Φ7 * 21 (pitch) * 22 (row distance) (wide blade)
6, Φ5 * 19.5 (pitch) * 11.6 (row spacing)
These products are suitable for the production of various types of mold condensers, evaporators

Advanced production equipment and management system
Our company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and support fully automated production lines 19, including expanding machine, automatic long U bender collar machine, degreasing furnace, automatic welding production lines, etc.

  • High-speed Fin Punch
  • Automatic long U bender
  • Expansion of the machine equipment
  • Automatic short U bender
  • Small U bend washing machine
  • Multi-station machine collar
  • Automatic welding machine
  • Bake dry degreasing machine

Perfect testing instruments and test equipment
In terms of quality assurance and production management, our company has high precision, high performance pipe cleaner dust detectors, pressure test system, test pressure is greater than 4-5MPa,and hydrophilic angle measuring instrument and other equipment. Therefore, compared to the heat exchanger and the domestic industry, in terms of production technology and quality guarantee system of our company has an overwhelming advantage, to ensure customer satisfaction, rest assured.

  • High pressure nitrogen pressure system
  • Cleanliness dust detector tube
  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil angle detector
  • High pressure nitrogen detection
  • Vision consistent product quality

Some cooling fins shape and part of the product pictures
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