Deye Inverter accept the interview of CCTV discovery column

2017-04-22 Read:16
In April 21, 2017,Deye Inverter accepted the interview of CCTV discovery column when attended the exhibition in Shanghai.

The discovery column is a television program belonging to Chinese CCTV,it's mainly making scientific discovery documentaries,is a fine program in Chinese documentaries. After several years of efforts, the program creation has been getting better, the ratings have remained stable,and had formed a good reputation in the general audience and professional documentary circles,had become a leader in the documentary scientific exploration in China.

In the interview, Mr Zhang, the leading official of Deye Inverter introduced the company's development process and achievements in recent years, and detailed description of our various products and our technical advantages.Before the end of the interview, Mr Zhang talked about the future trends of solar energy industry and the trend of solar energy applications. He believes that the solar energy is becoming more and more widely used because of the characteristics like environmental protection, clean and renewable. And in recent years, the solar energy technology has made a great contributions to the development of a series of innovative technologies, such as pure electric vehicles and solar grid connected power generation technology.
 Believe that in the future, when solar energy technology has new breakthroughs, solar energy will certainly occupy a pivotal position in the field of energy. And our company as China's solar energy leader in the field, we must take the lead in the role of China's solar energy industry to make our contribution.

The interview marks the influence of Deye Inverter in the industry has been formed, and has a high reputation. We should be free from arrogance and impetuosity,  make it as a new starting point, innovation and development, to create more brilliant achievements.