Deye electrical technology company ‘s innovation startup conference and the first quarter of the advanced recognition of the General Assembly

2017-06-06 Read:16
On May 26th,2017, Ningbo Deye Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd held a Deye innovation startup conference on the 3rd floor of the Deye International Conference Hall. Electrical technology company president Mr.Zhang attended the meeting and delivered an important speech and all employees of the Deye Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd participated in the meeting.
CEO Zhang delivered an important speech at the meeting. He pointed out that the Deye had a comprehensive summary of the early progress and deficiencies. And today’s innovation startup conference illustrates the determination on innovation of electrical technology company. He stressed that innovation is an eternal theme. All people of Deye electrical technology company should have a profound and sober understanding of the purpose of innovation that innovation is not only the need for deep business development, but also an urgent task of the current business. We should improve the productivity of enterprises through innovation to promote the development of the industry, in which way that enterprises will always maintain the vitality of development. Only to the depth of every detail innovation on supply chain, production and quality, can the company’s business be steady, big and sustainable. We should form a more pragmatic work style through innovation from the core of the enterprise and the small things to promote the further strengthening of the work style. We should lead the team through innovation, and innovation requires team operation. Deye industry company is also constantly introducing and cultivating talents to create a capable, vibrant team. We should be self-pressurized by innovation, be self-pressured in a sense of urgency, and constantly improve the comprehensive ability. We should change the way of work through innovation, pay more attention to planning and sustainability. Finally, Zhang has put forward an important slogan that “the hearts of the target, the hands of indicators." Only complete the common goal of  heart can the company reach real innovation, which make Deye become a quality, reputation, scale, influential cultural enterprises.
Vice President Shen Junqiang delivered an important speech”Innovation Strategy of Electrical Technology Company”, which introduced the core concept of innovation –“LP(Lean Production) in a humorous opening. Lean production is a best management that through the innovation of system structure, personnel organization, operation mode and market supply to make the production system quickly adapt to the changing needs of users and make all the useless, redundant things streamlined. 
Quality Director Chang Guiwu summed up the past four months of enterprise quality and combined with the business situation to publish a "quality innovation promotion plan", a targeted analysis of the existence of the relevant quality problems and the reasons behind it. The future quality of the Deye will be from the quality of the market, the quality of the finished product, the quality of the process, the quality of materials and other aspects of quality, starting a sound and healthy quality management system. It is worth mentioning that the company has signed a number of suppliers with the quality assurance agreement, which laid a solid foundation for Deye to establish a healthy supply chain system.
Dean Innovation Management Manager Shen commissioned a comprehensive inspection and proposed a preliminary innovation plan that covers many aspects of the plant, putting forward questions and improving the details.
In addition, Deye gives a positive and reward for "excellent team" and "outstanding individual"  in the first quarter, in which quality representative  Liu Wei, supply chain management Wang Yuhong, representing all the staff, expressed their commitment to innovation and a strong desire for common progress with Deye.
Finally, the awarding ceremony of the reform, represents the formal development of moral innovation. Deye industry innovation team will also take a common mission for the Deye industry quality, Deye industry reputation to get towards a new era.