CEO Speech

Over the past 20 years, Deye group conforms to the trend of reform and opening up, move forward in the struggle, grow in the exploration, grow in the sharpening, has gradually formed a line with our own development philosophy and culture. "Harmony, pragmatic, innovative and efficient" is the spirit of Deye concentration and refinement, is to support the transformation and upgrading of the industry to succeed the key genes, the development of the future of Deye group has important significance.

In this great era of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation, there will be a number of outstanding enterprises, they are entrusted with the Chinese people's expectations of the rise of the country, to promote the rapid development of China's economy, a major responsibility. Deye Group will consciously become a member of the outstanding enterprises, we feel the glory of the times, also recognize themselves who are charged with the heavy responsibility. Based on this understanding, "become the international high-end air processing, water treatment equipment industry leading brands; becoming the inverter control core technology innovator and leader; for humans create more intelligent, healthy living environment" as the wish and mission of Deye group, which contains a Deye human revitalize national industry ambition, also become the core value of Deye group.

Competition in the industry like a rising wind and scudding clouds today, in the stage of global competition, Deye Group people forge ahead, and forward-looking vision of globalization ideas, innovation and change, conform to the trend, give Deye Group products "intelligence, health, energy saving, environmental protection," the new orientation, relying on China's vast market advantage and powerful Internet technology resources, make Deye brand rooted in China, sound reputation in the world.

When the Chinese dream Horn resounded through the land of China, every Deye people hug the dream, Deye Group will carefully adhere to the mission, for the realization of the dream is not afraid of the wind and rain, temper forward.