Summer welfare does not stop

In order to strengthen the sense of belonging of employees, fully show the humanistic concern of the company, august 25, 2017 afternoon, after provided drinks for staffs on August 10, the company once again provided fresh-picked grapes for the staffs, again brought a heart-warming care for staffs.
The welfare distribution work was carried out in an orderly way with the organization of the administrative staff and the cooperation of the clerks. Despite the high temperature at the scene, the UV is strong, still can not stop the enthusiasm of staff and front-line staff happy mood. From the laughter of employees, we can see that everyone is satisfied with the welfare and gratitude for the company.

The atmosphere at the scene was very high
Employees are happy when received the fruit
This activity fully embodies the core values of the enterprise, to further promote our enterprise culture construction, formed a good corporate centripetal force and cohesive force, arouses the staff enthusiasm and work hard. Everyone said that they would  live up to the company's care, and devote themselves to the work in every day with more enthusiasm and vigor, and make great efforts to develop and strive to achieve the company's new goals, set a new achievement.