The company sent cool drinks to the staffs in hot weather

In order to let our employees feel the company's humanistic concern, the company has sent a cool drink to every employee, brought some cool for everyone in this hot summer.

In August 10, 2017, Group executive personnel and department clerks were busy shuttling around the company to distribute cool drinks. The atmosphere at the scene was very warm, the staff who received the drinks filled their faces with a satisfied smile. This fully reflects the Deye family's sincere concern for every family member, help to enhance the staff's centripetal force and cohesion, to stimulate the enthusiasm of staff dedicated work, and also conducive to further promote the building of enterprise culture. 

In recent years, the company has made gratifying achievements in the management system, scientific and technological innovation, network construction, enterprise efficiency and so on. At the same time, it is also very concerned about the lives of employees, organized festivals to send welfare activities, creating a warm and large family work environment for employees. In this hot weather, the company expresses its heartfelt greetings and care to the staff who work hard at every job. and  hope that everybody pay attention to the health of the body and mind in the high temperature environment, and ensure the safety of summer!