Deye Inverter outdoor quality development activities

In August 5, 2017, the Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co.,Ltd held outdoor quality development activities in Jiuchengyan ecological agriculture sightseeing zone. The event is designed to promote communication and communication between employees, improve team cohesion, and stimulate everyone's enthusiasm in work and life, to create a excellent team with unity, cooperation, enterprising spirit and passion.

After arriving at the destination, we are divided into red, yellow, blue, green, four teams, each team selected the team leader and team secretary, named the team, designed Logo, decided the team song, all of these were required to be completed within the stipulated time. This is a test of team intelligence and team execution, we race against time, speak enthusiastically, and finish the task within a specified time. After everything is ready,a full day of quality development has officially begun. The quality development activities are mainly conducted in the form of games, we are divided into different teams and compete with each other, through the communication and unity of team members to complete the task, the final team will be punished.

The major development project in the morning was challenge NO.1, this is a project which very tested team work. After 30 minutes of practice, the tense game began. Everyone exert all over skill, everybody was full of energy. In the tense competition, we fully feel the importance of teamwork, heart filled with collective sense of belonging and sense of responsibility, our face was filled with a happy smile.

The main development projects in the afternoon were the Da Vinci code, the breathing power and the real life CS. We passionately sway sweat, in the team competition again and again, experience the strength of the team and collective glory. Unconsciously, the quality development activities were drawing to a close. Each team selected members to express their own experience and feelings. They said the development was very meaningful, and it made us appreciate the importance of team work and the important role played by communication and solidarity in the team. Also deeply appreciate the hard work is not hard work alone, if there is no right way, no matter how hard is less effective, not only a waste of time and energy, and can't get good grades.Sometimes, the method is more important than the effort!

This development activities let everyone learned a lot. We have learned the value of responsibility, gained the experience of responsibility, and increased the tacit understanding of teamwork. We believe that in the future work, there is no difficulty can beat us, because we are a team, because we are the best team!