The fire safety drill of Ningbo Deye Group

Recently,with temperatures still running high, the situation of fire safety is grim. In order to effectively enhance our staff's fire safety awareness and self rescue ability, as well as to improve our prevention and handling capacity about fire safety, the human resources department of the group organized a fire safety education and drill on the first floor of A building on Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 16:00-17:00 pm.

The company specially invited Mr. Mao from Weian security company to guide our staff in fire protection. How to use fire extinguishers and hoses? How to call the fireman in a correct way when the fire breaks out? How to save the initial fire correctly? Mr.Mao used vivid language and combined material object to explain these questions in a simple way,interact with employees during training,create a positive atmosphere, and further enhance the ability of our staff to prevent and control fires.

During the training, our security team member demonstrated the throwing and connecting of the hoses. All staff are also actively involved in the actual operation of fire fighting。Everyone follows the established plan,
and carried out the exercises in a tense and orderly way. After the end of the exercise, the group human resources department Minister Han had commented on the activities of the fire drill, fully affirmed, and sincerely hope that employees can benefit from the activities, pay attention to fire safety problems in hot weather.
The fire drill gives our staff a better understanding of fire safety knowledge,and make everyone's sense of awareness and the ability to use fire extinguishers increased,the ability to respond to emergencies has also been greatly improved.